Steve’s mission is clear: to deliver the best experience to his customers

Steve Angeli is the real deal and has spent his life learning and perfecting his skills as a highly specialized agent in one of the most divergent and culturally rich areas in the country. He possesses a plethora of pertinent local information and is an expert in all aspects of his market.

At the end of the day, his primary focus is to build quality relationships in an effort to genuinely and effectively represent his client and client interests in a real estate transaction. Likewise, the most critical aspects of the conveyance of any real property are the negotiations.

Steve is known for his ability to listen and understand his client’s needs allowing him to continuously deliver above and beyond their goals and expectations. His personable and professional character allows him to build and maintain solid relationships, which explains why his business has grown mostly from referrals and repeat clients.

Steve’s success is attributed to his core mission, to provide the best customer service possible. “The Angeli Group is not looking to sell someone a home, but rather, to sell the dream/lifestyle. We look at each deal as the first of many transactions, by building a relationship, and we treat every client the same, whether we’re representing a $200k or $2+ million-dollar property.”

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